Thug Murder

Thug Murder

The 13th Round


Thug Murder. I know, I know, I though it was gansta rap, too. But I was very pleasantly surprised to discover it’s not rap at all, but an old school punk band• with a Japanese girl kink. Three Japanese girls with a thing for The Ramones and a knack for thunderous bass lines have turned out a really solid punk record. Their lyrics are at times a bit stilted, but the band’s passion and energy more that make up for any minor shortcomings. Ryoko Natioh, Chisato Ohtsubo, and Yuri Sakuma have passed on the cute quotient of other Japapunk bands like Lolita #18 or Shonen Knife. Instead, Thug Murder plays it straight, tough, and even a little bit nasty.,

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