Motion Picture Soundtrack

Warner Bros.

The hesitation slowly began to seep when I scanned the track listing on this soundtrack for the horror film. The film itself may not necessarily fall into the teen-horror void, but the artists comprising the record might prove otherwise. With Disturbed and Linkin Park already filling rock radio space, it’s quite befitting that their pseudo-menacing heaviness be included on here. Lackluster as those tracks might be, there are a few diamonds in the rough, including Hybrid’s thundering breakbeat rendition of Filter’s “Take A Picture” and Deftones’ distorted, dub-tinged melody, “RX Queen.”

Although the producers have attempted to blend the dance and rock genres, the result is more feeble than mighty. Remixes of Rob Zombie and Static X falter and collapse into repetition, despite both artists being prime choice meat for a horror soundtrack — with their original versions, that is. Sure, Soulfly’s “Son Song” seems completely out of place, but it is a breath of fresh noise from most of the drudgery on Valentine. But on the bright side, the collection of songs on the soundtrack far outweighs the uninspired movie itself, even though it might not be the ideal gift for your sweetheart. Might I recommend chocolates?

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