Behind The Mask

I’m no metal fan, but those who are might like this full-length from Tampa-area (that’s where I saw them and picked up this CD, anyhow) quartet Vent. The production is good, and there’s certainly plenty of material — 15 songs, three of which are over five minutes long (and one of those is over seven minutes!) for 65 minutes worth of material. The guitarist can tap-noodle with the best of them, the singer has a strong voice, and even the packaging is nicely done.

I tend to like the more mellow introspective stuff here, with the exception of the hilariously punky “P.O.T.N.” (which stands for “Piss Off the Neighbors”). But there’s more than plenty of the headbanging stuff, if that’s what floats your boat., (727) 384-0015

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