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Rock •N• Roll America


When I saw The Gotohells on tour with The Queers at the end of 1998 at the late, great Hardback Café, they did not seem so, umm, •rock• as they are on this record. Lotsa •Come on!• and •Yay-uh!• to be found here, even a soulful sounding sister singing wailing backup (think Rolling Stones on •Gimme Shelter•) on a couple tracks. Lyrical content to match song titles like •Wasted,• •Sin Baby,• •Hell Yeah,• and •Lock Up Your Daughters.• To complete the early-•70s vibe, there•s even a song called •Under My Skin,• titularly echoing both the Stones• •Under My Thumb• and Alice Cooper•s •Under My Wheels.• And I bet you could find both songs in these guys• record collections. Mine too.

Vagrant Records, 2118 Wilshire Blvd. #361, Santa Monica, CA 90403,

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