As Heaven Turns to Ash…

Southern Lord

Is it too late to erase all of the sins of my past? I fucking hope not. I want to start with one of the big ones — I want to renounce all of the false doom metal idols of my past. Out Cathedral. Out Saint Vitus. Begone Grief. Get thee behind me, Black Sabbath. There is only room for One, and Their Word is law and gospel to me. Warhorse. Warhorse. Do not forsake me. Do not grind my miserable and unworthy bones under the unforgiving fuzz and rumble of your sacred guitars… Warhorse is one step beyond metal, or music, or even sound — it’s a primal, lumbering wall that paralyzes you where you stand, liquefies your insides, and all the while stripping your skin away with the sheer power of their drone god hammer. It doesn’t matter what they do — shit, even during silent interludes only pierced by a slowly-picked acoustic guitar (truly frightening idylls, cuz I just know the fuzztone is gonna kick my teeth down my fucking throat in about thirty seconds), Warhorse is still the deadliest tarpit-dwelling mastodon EVER. They create thick, hypnotic soundwebs of violence and blasphemy, with not one note wasted, not one kick to the ribs missing its mark. As Heaven Turns to Ash• is truly one of the most beautiful and well constructed and, yes, menacing records I’ve heard. All pretenders take note. This is Power. Power personified.

Southern Lord Records, PO Box 291967, Los Angeles CA 90029, http://www.southernlord.com

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