• The Nation of Ulysses

    The Embassy Tapes (Dischord). Review by Jason Rockhill.

  • In Perspective: Shock-King!

    Sure, Marilyn Manson might think he’s shocking, but where would he be if Alice Ccooper hadn’t blazed the trail? With two amazing new reissues, the shock rock king is back in the spotlight in a big way. Hal Horowitz takes advantage of the opportunity to look back at the career of the man who’ll always be "Eighteen."

  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    Soundtrack (Mercury). Review by Phil Bailey.

  • Soilwork

    A Predator’s Portrait (Nuclear Blast). Review by Nathan T. Birk.

  • Jungle Rot

    Dead And Buried (Olympic). Review by Nathan T. Birk.

  • Samantha 7

    Samatha 7 at Penny Road Pub in South Barrington, IL on January 27, 2001. Concert review and photos by Cindy Rivers.

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