Things sped up for awhile

Things sped up for awhile

“Yeah it’s a Harley…800cc bike with the engine bored out to 1200cc’s…that’s a four hour drive; and you’re still drunk…it’s the French Addiction fetish show, you expected a better crowd? Mostly frat boys looking for strippers…how much did you take? enough?…you’re going to break me in half with that thing…did you see the bisexual girl making out with me?…we should take them home…I can crack that site no problem…two grams, two grams…oh fuck, whose blood is all over my stomach!?…oh yeah, the pennyroyal tea experiment…Frog!…or if you don’t want to pay for an abortion…God damn it, Diego, stop trying to put my lover’s soul into your pet snake…at least it was a clean break…”

And then it slowed down. Down to virus metabolism. I melted down into a proof positive cold and everything seemed far away. I went to bed at seven for a week straight and woke up each morning to phone messages from both recognized and unrecognized sources. Being sick is almost like the other life, everything just spins the opposite direction. A woman at work said that I “moved through the lab like a ghost.”

Many of my friends are evil people, demons as it were. As I am fundamentally good, with a white soul shadow to brag about, many people find my associations with the other side odd at the very least. These relationships generally exist for two reasons. The first being that good and evil is not very important. Most people are at a loss to realize what true good and evil is in terms of intention and action, much less to have any sort of aged soul enlightenment to pass judgment with any degree of accuracy. Secondly, people are the same in that they love, hate, and make mistakes in more ways than can be discussed. As a good person may have occasion to perform evil to your friend, an evil person may show you a strength of love the likes of which that were previously unknown.

You humans are still too young, like adolescents defying your parents, you set the rules of good and evil before you know the scale betwixt the two.

Thanks for all the feedback…thanks for all the memories…

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