Buddy System Indeed

Buddy System Indeed

Small Talk

Ten tracks of pleasantly lo-fi indie pop with occasional folky tendencies, Small Talk is a fine introduction to Buddy System Indeed. I like the chiming, upbeat songs the best, like the goofy “Digital Andy” and the quirky “Ken Vs. Japan,” but slower tracks like “Lady O’Lady” and especially “Big Star F*” have their own special beauty, too. The trio meshes well together, with solid bass grooves matching nicely with pretty guitars and steady drums, ably abetted on certain tracks by violin, piano, and/or horns. About the only complaint I have with this disc is that vocalist Isaac Lekach is constantly monotone, to the point of almost being off key for most of the record. Believe it or not, though, this actually grows on you with repeated listens, so don’t be put off the first time you hear it. With continued spins, you’ll find these catchy tracks worm their way into your head, and you’ll be glad they’re there. A quality first effort — I’d be happy to hear more from these guys!


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