Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill

Live at the Fillmore


These 65 minutes are “100% real” in that they didn’t alter the recording in the studio after the concert. The resulting sound isn’t much different than other live albums except that all of the 17 tracks play uninterrupted from beginning to end, unlike some live albums that change the order of songs or have a break in the sound between tracks. Every now and again, there is an almost unnoticeable split second of feedback (e.g. “Insane in the Brain” and the beginning of “Hand on the Pump”). Still, the CD carries the energy of Cypress Hill, whose mere presence can get you high. The Clan goes from “How I Could Just Kill a Man” into “Insane in the Brain” without so much as a pause. Then, as the album comes to a close, the chronic crew leads into “Hits from the Bong” with a medley of “I Wanna Get High” and “Stoned is the Way of the Walk.” Finally, they call every one to the front to close with two big hits: “Riot Starter” and “(Rock) Superstar.”

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