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Daft Punk



Daft Punk’s debut, Homework, contained some undeniable highlights, such as “Da Funk” and “Around The World,” and the shameless house beats were nothing more than modern-day disco. Where Homework was a straight-up party album, Discovery is more pop-oriented, reminiscent of ’80s dance floor staples. For the most part, the music is not as intense as its predecessor, and the focus is not limited to the occasional sampled vocal, but on actual written lyrics, sounding more like remixed Top 40 material than hardcore club music. What Discovery lacks in intensity, it makes up for with consistency and catchiness. Fans of Homework may see this as a departure from their previous effort, but the new, more pop-oriented format makes the music more accessible, and should gain them a larger audience and some radio play.

Virgin Records America, Inc., 338 N. Foothill Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, http://www.virginrecords.com.

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