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It should come as no surprise that yet again I’m here telling you about a Six Degrees release. I’m in love with them. On every outing to the local CD shops, I start by checking for releases that aren’t in my present collection. Well, Refreaked is an album of remixes from Dzihan & Kamien’s Freaks And Icons. Refreaked is the next logical progression of Dzihan & Kamien’s music. The initial release was lovely, and now, with a CD packing such top-notch remixes, I find myself forever torn as to which to load in my CD player. Refreaked surpasses the beauty of Freaks And Icons, and brings a rather jazz-inspired album straight to the dance floor. UFO provides a floor pounding remix of “Homebase” that could easily be slid into a drum and bass set. “After” gets a passionate treatment from AtJazz that is so silky smooth. There are two remixes of “Smile,” and I’m leaning more towards Ninebar’s remix as my favorite of two. The low end is sure to push a few PA systems into overload. Not to be excluded, Dzihan & Kamien include a bonus track, “2 Minutes Bonus Track,” that just puts it all together at the end. Rolling rhythms with the ever so soulful peppering of keyboards, and a bass line that is sure to make you feel the funk. In reality, Six Degrees should package Freaks And Icons and Refreaked into one two-CD release. Without one, the power of the other is lost. It’s a slightly unfair statement, because in a pinch, either will satisfy your ears for weeks. I just can’t travel with just one. I have to have them both with me.

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