Electric Frankenstein

Electric Frankenstein

Annie’s Grave


Another year, another Electric Frankenstein album or two, and that’s not even accounting for a slew of yearly singles I have neither the time nor patience to track down. Sad thing is, this really shouldn’t be an indictment of the band, because, truth be told, some few years back this writer deemed these old stiffs the modern-day saviors of greasy, dirty straight-up rock n’ roll • in a time, no less, that was hardly privy to things remotely “rock.” Well, now that everyone and their third cousin wants to “rock out” and don the attendant pre-weathered threads as a sure-fire avenue to marketable street-cred, Annie’s Grave makes EF look commonplace and staid, the band now pumping out records as interchangeably and quickly as a sawmill does thus with toothpicks. Sure, you could argue that such a move might posit the Frankensteins as the new AC/DC, but where EF might rock harder more consistently, they certainly don’t do so as dynamically nor the hardest as the legendary Aussies when they turn the knob one louder; plus, you also can’t say Angus and company have been flooding the market in recent years (the utterly flaccid Stiff Upper Lip notwithstanding) like they used to. So, can’t quite say this one’s a sleeper, because it’s already past their bedtime • metal fan I may be, but give me more bands who sound like Mojave 3.

Victory, http://www.victoryrecords.com

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