For Stars

For Stars

We Are All Beautiful People

Future Farmer

It is difficult to walk the line of sincerity and emotion in music. Too often, such sentiment comes across as cloy or a bit twee. It is much easier to steep oneself in irony and senseless anger. Loudness can oftentimes compensate for lack of imagination and originality. I am so glad that For Stars do not embrace that ethos, and instead create music with soul, beauty and imagination. Oftentimes compared to Mark Eitzel or The Red House Painters, I would situate this band as being more reminiscent of Lullaby for the Working Class. As the songs unfold, one does not suspect that these are personal narratives, but mini-epics of assorted characters that Carlos Forster may have encountered. The music mirrors these lyrics, with restrained accompaniment on some tracks and gurgling, bubbling keyboards on others.

While some may be considering this recording as an American Radiohead, that analogy fails to hold true for several reasons. First, the lyrics lack the cryptic concealment one finds in Radiohead. Second, the songs retain an organic feel while they continue to incorporate electronic elements. However, a fan of Radiohead would find similar emotional terrain encountered here on this release, as this is a beautiful and gorgeous album that any music fan should own. As the lines on the track “In Open Plains” state: “I guess I am giving in to love, I guess I am giving into kindness.” It is a pity more bands don’t give in.

Future Farmer Recordings, PO Box 225128, San Francisco, CA 94122;

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