Gardens Of Eden

Gardens Of Eden

Various Artists


Imagine the most beautiful place you’ve ever been. Now, hear the beauty of that place in the sounds of the natives. Gardens Of Eden is a spectacular representation of what this world has to offer musically and why we need to work hard to preserve that. From Papua, New Guinea, to India, Tibet, Costa Rica, and Hawaii, you’ll musically visit Eden in a sense most don’t normally get to experience. With instruments such as the ‘ili ‘ili (waterworn basaltic stones), pa ipu (gourd drums), the kundu (massive slit logs), and the kora (a nineteen string harp) used to put across the immeasurable humanity and beauty coming from places as far as Madagascar and as close as Big Sur, Gardens Of Eden is a thoughtful piece of work and one you’ll find yourself playing more and more as time goes on. It’s a classic Putumayo creation, and the artists displayed are all authentic to their musical culture. It’s a paradise out there, enjoy it and help save it.

Putumayo Records, 324 Lafayette Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10012, 1-888-PUTUMAYO;

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