His Creation Reversed


Crazy dichotomy runnin’ amok here. On one hand, Havayoth are full of evil intentions and blackened hearts. On the other hand, the grasp and reach of Havayoth’s music reaches and soars towards the proverbial angelic heavens. So the end result is a band striving to touch the face of god in order to stick a fucking knife in his eye? Pentagrams coated with honey? A church choir banging out the Morbid Angel songbook? No, think of Fields of the Nephilim crossed with Savatage. The mood and aesthetic definitely calls to mind the glory days of early guitar-driven goth, while there are just enough classic touches and utterly ripping guitar solos to recall the cosmic glories of the best power metal. Bleakness and beauty. All things considered, not a bad genetic hybrid. Perhaps the bugs have already been worked out of the cloning process, and perfect musical mutations even now walk among us. Who could be behind this? A multinational conspiracy, the fabled military-industrial complex, and what role does Hammerheart Records play in this scheme? Are they just the clueless front for a hydra-headed consortium intent on overturning the pop music order as we know it? Will the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame be razed in a cultural revolution and be replaced with a memorial to Accept, Sisters of Mercy, Mission UK, and Gamma Ray? We, the people, demand answers now!

Hammerheart Records, PO Box 277, 6300 AG. Valkenburg, Holland

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