Jeff Dahl

Jeff Dahl

Pancake 31

Triple X

Jeff Dahl is back hitting with the same old song and dance, but damn he does it well. Punk rock touched garage grooves stained with hints of rockabilly moves. Dedicating this album to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Jeff Dahl moves through ten songs without taking a breath. Sometimes hitting a strange Cramps meets Creedence jungle rock darkness, the songs try to work me like a cool punk time machine, but I’m still listening to it all right now. Slipping in nice riffs and licks that hit and kick against that swampabilly sound, while keeping the guitar cranked up to eleven, Dahl makes you believe in rock n’ roll. Making me remember the words of John Doe, as a DJ in the movie A Matter of Degrees, “rock n’ roll can save you!”

Triple X, PO Box 862529, Los Angeles, CA 90086,

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