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Six Degrees seems to put out a compilation or two about every six months. Given their ever-expanding world of music, it’s probably for the best. Helps the casual CD shopper grab a “sampler” of a record label before deciding which artist to seek out next. Motion is the latest compilation from Six Degrees. For those of us who seem to be hopelessly addicted to Six Degrees releases, there isn’t a lot of new material on the release. It is a great sampling, containing quite a few tracks that were released on singles. If you’ve ever debated picking up an EP from a Six Degrees artist, this would be the release to check out and find out which ones you want to check out first. Personally, the two tracks that stand out the most to me are Gary Hughes’ remix of Euphoria’s “Delirium” and Monica Ramos’ “Ocean.” Hughes’ remix takes “Delirium” where I’ve wanted it to go for while, but just haven’t found a remix with its power. Having never heard anything from Monica Ramos, it piqued my interest, and now has me heading out to pick up yet another release. Who says compilations that contain tracks you already have aren’t worth something, eh? Now I’ve got a great CD of some of my favorite Six Degrees remixes, and I found another artist to seek out. If you are new to the world of Six Degrees Records, check out Motion next time you are out CD shopping. It just might fill the hole in your musical selection.

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