Plastic Mutations: An Electronic Tribute to Radiohead

Plastic Mutations: An Electronic Tribute to Radiohead

Various Artists


With all the experimental dabblings of their OK Computer and (especially) Kid A albums, it would be less than predictable to not realize that this kind of album would turn up through some label. For the most part, many of these artists, mostly unknown, give it their all to re-create many of the classic tunes of the British deities. But, probable as it first seems, many of the cyber-loving renditions fall short of the studio magic created courtesy of the originals.

At least every album is covered, with “Fake Plastic Trees” by Transient (?) getting my vote for most sincere, original rework with, the acoustic, female-led mix of this memorable Bends track. Other irresistible tunes include the droning reverb of “High And Dry” by Mike Moore, and G.A.S.’s take on radio favorite “Creep.” Still, it is no wonder why the real Radiohead created these melodies, to resist the predictable generics of their legendary work and rail against the music archetype that many of these artists seem to abide by. This isn’t bad, but it could use a little more mutation in order to keep up with the rapidly changing, genre-defying movement that is the band Radiohead itself.

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