Sea Of Green

Sea Of Green

Time To Fly

The Music Cartel

How ’bout it?! A “stoner rock” record that doesn’t rumble along at a uni-plod tempo!? Pretty novel idea, no? In Sea Of Green we find a trio capable of many moods (some airy), many tempos (most scrappy), and conspicuously devoid of a buttload of Monster Magnetisms (note “buttload” • there’s still plenty of such here, however Pink Floyded-over they may be), Time To Fly rumbling along to a loose n’ clattering production • and all the better for it, methinks • that’s surprisingly not too self-consciously analog. Still, put this on at your next pot party, and I’m likely to not even notice or care, but hey • I’m still grooving, man. But when the going gets gone these days, I’m reaching for the new Church Of Misery or the Boris reissue.

The Music Cartel, PO Box 629, Port Washington, NY 11050;

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