The Januaries

The Januaries

Chocolate & Strawberries EP


Every bit as decadent and delicious as its title would imply, The Januaries’ Chocolate & Strawberries EP is made up of four lush, luscious confections of pure, classic female-fronted pop. The first three tracks originate from last year’s self-titled debut, so in a sense, this is the Whitman’s sampler for the band, offering a variety of flavors from their package. “Love Has Flown” is sweet, upbeat pop, complete with soaring horns and playful “bop-bop-bop” backing vocals, while the title track is rich and sensuous, and “U And Me” is a sugary, romantic ballad. The piéce de résistance, though, is the EP’s lone non-album track, a slinky, sexy, cover of Black Sabbath’s “Paraniod,” of all things! The dark chocolate of the box, it manages to be mysterious and spooky, yet still ever so sweet and decadent. The tune is still instantly recognizable, yet entirely different — in short, The Januaries make it all their own. In short, the Chocolate & Strawberries EP is just as nice as the real thing, without the calories and tooth decay.

Foodchain Records, 8490 Sunset Blvd., Suite 504, Los Angeles, CA 90069

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