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It’s been a long time coming, and it’s technically already two years old. That seems to happen, though, when record labels begin merging. Nevertheless, I was extremely happy to find Cydonia on the shelf on one of my latest trips out to buy CDs. I’d read some negative reviews on the album, and honestly, you should ignore every last one of them. Cydonia is everything I expect from the Orb and more.

It seems that Orblivion made many expect that The Orb was moving more towards the “dance” side of electronic music. Well, The Orb seems to have always had a heavy “dance” aspect to their music, but Cydonia is much more in line with their previous releases than Orblivion. That should make everyone who is a fan of the entire Orb catalog happy. Cydonia explores the more ambient nature of electronic music while still giving enough of “the dance” to keep everyone happy. Personally, I’m in love with “A Mile Long Lump of Lard,” “Plum Island,” “Once More” (the first single), the ever-throbbing “Thursday’s Keeper,” and the last track, “Terminus.” They’re doing a brief tour at the moment, and The Orb is always worth three times the price of admission. Dr. Patterson has stated that we might even get to hear tracks from the next album, as well. Got it? Good. I expect to see their album sales climbing on account of all you great readers heading out immediately to pick it up.

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