The Raging Teens

The Raging Teens

Rock ‘N’ Roll Party!


Taking their name from a vintage compilation of New England rockabilly, The Raging Teens (and Rock ‘N’ Roll Party!) more than live up to the various connotations, pouring forth a classic sound replete with tweedly reverbed guitar, resonant double bass and bashy drums. Swaggering vocals from rhythm guitarist Kevin Patey are often tempered with sweeter accents from lead guitarist Amy Griffin, and more often that not, in true rockabilly style, lyrics are filled with subtle and funny implications — take for example “Lies,” where Paley wonders why his girlfriend’s bridge club leaves the house smelling like cigars. Piano maniac Carl Sonny Leyland rattles the keys on a couple of tracks, and manages to make “Snowbound” sound like a lost Jerry Lee Lewis track with flaming runs and boogie woogie chording. And how can I not mention “Let’s Drink Some Booze,” a song about attending church and being a devout Christian? Ah, who am I kidding, it’s about drinking booze.

So roll up your sleeves, clear some space on the floor and get ready to shake the rafters with the Raging Teens. Crystal clear production from Deke Dickerson (whose own albums are worth seeking out) make this an easily appreciated gem.

Rubric Records, 12 W. 37th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10018;

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