True Love

True Love

True Love


Indie garage music from this Hoboken trio, featuring one known only as “The Squirrel” on guitar and vocals. The garage slides into some alternative shaking rock that makes me think of either early Smashing Pumpkins or The Beatles playing T. Rex songs. Depends on how I turn my head. Most of the fourteen songs clock in at under the perfect three-minute limit. You think you’re at the end when you hit this Redd Kross riff ride that takes all of the previous songs and melts it down into a catchy hook driven farewell. You start bouncing, you start singing, you shake your head, you’re lost with the music. You sit back and catch your breath, and then that last hidden track crawls in and finishes you off. A psychedelic guitar mess that feels like a Sgt. Pepper inspired sonic hallucination, and you’re done.

Cropduster, PO Box 667, 400 Newark St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

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