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Turbo’s Tunes

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Kill Rock Stars

I don’t think the labels that deserve much of the credit for fueling “cutting edge” music of the Nineties will ever receive the appreciation they truly deserve. Such a label is Kill Rock Stars — a truly self-defined resource for new music.

For the more than reasonable price (starting around five dollars a pop) Turbo’s Tunes give a fine look at what the label that spawned Sleater-Kinney, Godheadsilo, and Bikini Kill has been up to for the past year. After ten years, KRS still has the Riot Grrl itch. The majority of this sampler, with its host of seven inches and a few unreleased tracks, is evidence to the fact there’s still a lot of wild and often angry women out there.

Although Turbo’s Tunes is a “retrospective sampler” which only covers the past year, I would be anxious for them, as well as many other “Nineties labels,” to take the “retrospective sampler” a few steps further. Throughout the history of the “indie label,” so much music has been lost to mis-promotion and mis-distribution. Turbo’s Tunes, in its mining of the past year, may be evidence of “new music” regrouping; Maybe looking back before you look forward.

Anyways, it’s more than a good buy for some of us who are still pretty lost when it comes down to what’s worth the time (at least five dollars worth of it) to mull through the quagmire of downloads and MP3s.

Kill Rock Stars, 120 NE State St., #418, Olympia, WA 98501, http://www.killrockstars.com

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