Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point

Tangled In Dream


Given LMP’s rep for pushing ponced-up power metal on the prissy masses, to say I wasn’t looking forward to this, Vanishing Point’s Tangled In Dream, is the understatement to end all understatements. Well, wudda ya know, Tangled In Dream (brilliant title • what are you guys, German?) vaguely strikes these ears as a less-prog, more-modern (if you can actually qualify such things as “modern”) take on Crimson Glory’s Transcendence, which was vaguely a more-prog, less-modern take on Queensryche’s Rage For Order two years previous • and there’s just no fucking with ’80s ‘Ryche, and like, Transcendence ain’t too shabby, either. Or whatever. At least it’s not Ivory Tower (groan) or Mob Rules (grunt). Next!

LMP, PO Box 60 25 20, 22235, Hamburg, Germany,

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