Creeper Lagoon

Creeper Lagoon

Take Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday


Creeper Lagoon are back in fine form and full force. I fell hard for the energy and pop dynamics of this band in 1998, with their I Become Small and Go album, and then nothing after that really impressed me until I heard the first explosion of notes screaming out on “Chance of a Lifetime,” the first song on this new record. The way it slides into the next song, which has made its way through the radio station route, still gives me shivers. It’s a pop song, it’s radio friendly, but “Wrecking Ball” is why this band is so good. They create such a full sound, throw in little dynamic stops and starts, they hit strange noises and move back into the sky-high energy that makes you just feel good about everything. It makes you sing, and that can’t be bad. Take Back the Universe is a consistent album, and it doesn’t seem to fade• Well produced, but not overproduced, Creeper Lagoon are back, and I’m smiling.

Dreamworks, 9268 West Third Street, Beverly Hills, CA 90210;

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