Hannibal/A Bear Explains


A Chicago trio that includes two bassists and a drummer, Dianogah creates music that is beautiful and evocative. On this two-track release, the trio effortlessly works together to provide a soundtrack to rival peers such as Mogwai. Playful and melodic, this is a refreshing dose of music from an area that rarely is ever playful. Too often overly cerebral, much of the music emanating from Chicago lacks the visceral element to resonate beyond the creators and their sycophantic hanger-ons. Not so with this release. Their Web site states they will be recording for their third release; let’s hope so.

Southern Records, PO Box 577373, Chicago, IL 60657; http://www.southern.com; Dianogah, PO Box 25441, Chicago, IL 60625; http://www.speedsite.com/~dianogah

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