Dissecting Table

Dissecting Table



Sure, it’s one fucking opaque record — four pieces, all titled “Memory” — but I was expecting something more impenetrable, more like the solid pillar of granite or spleen that you get when playing a Masonna or Merzbow record. Dissecting Table is an altogether more organic affair, with breathing space aplenty and even some moments of dynamics and more traditional rock instrumentation (i.e., I could tell what instruments/effects he was using instead of just being pummeled about the head by a smear of noise). Dissecting Table can be full of scree and glitch, but they also change it up with harder-edged moments that call to mind Godflesh, an autistic Fear Factory, or Mortician, in terms of dedication to vicious repetition. This could be the beginning of the second coming of metal “crossover,” but with hardcore/punk pushed aside by the bookish misanthropy of the noise elite. But back to those breathing spaces I mentioned earlier, it’s pretty unsettling. Out of nowhere, the clatter und drang’ll just vanish and be replaced by a maddening series of blips, altered voices, and purposely-dead rhythms — it’s a great coda, or a great intro. Damn, it’s hard to tell where one song ends and the next begins, yet I can’t help but think that individual song demarcations are kinda beside the point here. The point is that this is one of the more intriguing and downright accessible “noise” records that I’ve ever heard.

Triumvirate, PO Box 6524, South Bend IN 46660; http://www.triumviratemain.com

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