DJ Irene

DJ Irene

Audio Underground Vol. 1

Strictly Hype

There aren’t very many female DJs and this CD may be a perfect reason why. I’m not sure if my annoyance with DJ Irene’s music is more because of the insane mixes, and how every song starts with the sounds of gunshots, enhanced starting cars, or other various disturbing machinery, or because she gives women DJs a bad rap by doing so. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m assuming she must somewhere fill a niche in dance music (among a small crowd of deaf people) and has to have some talent to be able to produce noise such as that on this CD, but beyond that, I’m lost. If I were to grab a tape recorder and bang on some kitchen pans, it would make more sense than the racket she creates. After a few songs, I felt like the protagonist in a video game, running from evil DJ Irene and her spooky beats. All in all, not a good musical experience, and if I was in a club where she was the entertainment, I think I’d take my chances somewhere else. Everyone has their own thing, and this is totally not mine. In fact, it’s so confusing that I think it should come with listening directions (and ear plugs).

Strictly Hype Recordings, 2010 Carboy Rd., Mt. Prospect IL 60056, Tel: 847-718-1700, Fax: 847-718-1701

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