Electric Frankenstein

Electric Frankenstein

The Time is Now

Conquers The World

Sick Songs

One Foot

Miss out on these three Electric Frankenstein albums when this stuff came out in 1994-1997? Then you’re in luck. One Foot has repackaged them, and added videos and some additional tracks for your Electric Frankenstein listening pleasure.

For the unfamiliar, EF is kinda MC5 meets The Misfits, taking a ’70s hard rock approach to the DIY ethic. With lots and lots of loud guitars. The first two of these feature singer Steve Miller (no, not the famous one, silly), while Sick Songs has Scott Wilkins singing instead. Wilkins is slightly more melodic than Miller, who tends more towards a streetpunk gruff bellow. For that reason, if you had to choose one, I’d go with Sick Songs, but frankly, the difference in singers is a surprisingly subtle one overall.

That being the case, you might wanna base which ones you get, or the order in which you get them, on the songs covered on each album. The Time is Now includes AC/DC’s “High Voltage,” Conquers The World has four covers (“Just Like Your Mom” by Vox Pop/Jeff Dahl, “Home of the Brave” by Naked Raygun, “Coolest Little Monster,” originally a novelty track sung/spoken by TV horror host Zacherly, and Motorhead’s “We Are the Roadcrew”), while Sick Songs has “Frustration” by Crime and “Out There (F-Word)” by Rik L Rik. Of course, if you like your music stripped down and the guitars turned up, you could always just get all three!

Devil Doll Records, PO Box 30727, Long Beach, CA 90853; http://www.onefootrec.com, http://www.devildollrecords.com, http://www.electricfrankenstein.com, http://listen.to/electricfrankenstein ;

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