With Everything Against Us

Da’ Core

Man, this sounds old, like ’85 or something, only (slightly) better recorded. Aside from Eric Corbin’s shouty/snotty rasp that recalls really early Madball (yeah, like when Freddie Miret was a fuckin’ kid), the whole of Endless’ With Everything Against Us takes it back to the heyday of crossover, the Pittsburgh quartet polkaing away like classic Cause For Alarm or Victim in Pain-era Agnostic Front at times, thrashing away like early D.R.I. or Suicidal at others, either way ending up with the same dated blosh n’ mosh. And another punk/hardcore cover • and poorly, too • of “We’re Not Gonna Take It”?! Christ• And despite having their photo taken at the 50-yard-line of Three Rivers Stadium, even pro football can’t save Endless, because With Everything Against Us is merely second-rate hardcore retrogression: dull, and nothing more.

Da’ Core, 347 Grove St., McKees Rocks, PA 15136

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