Failed Humanity

Failed Humanity

The Sound of Razors Through Flesh


Seasoned metal fan this writer may be, but it seems like every other death metal record I•m hearing these days sounds way too much like Morbid Angel • dunno why it is, but I do know it•s damn near true. And any soul who•s kept a cursory eye on the mighty Angel during the past decade knows their extreme diligence to craft, so it goes without saying that those rip-off bands flying the flag of genericism carry over just as much diligence in their style jacking. Such is the case with Failed Humanity•s debut album, The Sound of Razors Through Flesh. Tight as a duck•s bottom (they•re waterproof, y•know) and ridiculously fast beyond belief, Failed Humanity blast and thrash their merry way nine tracks of Angelic worship, peppering their triggered attacks with the requisite amount of hairwhip-ready down-tempo transitions that Slayer patented and Morbid Angel popularized. At times, the riffs delve into punkier territory, for better or worse, the end result still smacking of run-of-the-swill grindcore retread either way: lethally boring, and little else. And the album cover? A nearly identical replica of Soilwork•s preceding A Predator•s Portrait • as if you expected anything more•

Candlelight, 2 Elgin Ave., London W9 3QP, UK;

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