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Get connected• Get connected to the newest EBM aural masterpiece from Germany’s Funker Vogt! T showcases several new tracks and various remixed ground-shakers that are nothing short of stunning. Funker Vogt are true masters of their synthesized craft, placing high demands on production and engineering along with superb songwriting and melody.

The opener, “Subspace,” is so strong and moving, it may require the redefinition of true electronic body music. A brilliant and climactic orchestra of killer beats, strong vocals, and gorgeous melody brings “Subspace” into a class by itself. “Body Count” reminds me of the reason I got into EBM over 10 years ago! A powerhouse of deep analog textures and driving melody make this a complete aural experience. “A Dream” takes shape as a brooding soundscape of mystery and imagination. Although this is a slower paced offering, “A Dream” provides a serious groove and great attention to every digi-detail.

It is at this point that we come to the luscious sonic landscape “Follow Me.” If there were ever a “perfect” electronic body music track, this would have to be it. Amazing melody combines with potent dance rhythms, breaking creative ground as infinite as the

The second half of the first disc (this is a two-disc EP) contains remixed works of the band’s previous material. These reinterpretations bring songs like “Black Market” and “Maschine Zeit” into uncharted territory. The Funker boys let their creative genius flow freely here. The reworked “The Last” is so intense and sinister, wearing seat belts while driving a vehicle is a must.

It is no secret that the very best of heavy hitting EBM music has come from Europe, with the likes of Front 242, Project Pitchfork, and early Nitzer Ebb. Thanks to Funker Vogt, these elements of electronic beauty are not lost, but reinvented and brought to a higher state of being. The EBM playing ground has been raised by Funker Vogt, and the skilled listener should take notice and watch this duo propel their music into the next millennium.

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