Throwing Myself


As evidenced by Living Sacrifice’s recent The Hammering Process, the nu-metal stakes extend well beyond baggy-panted, hand wringing misanthropes to baggy-panted, good-natured Christians. Recent case in point: Luti-Kriss and their Throwing Myself debut. Notwithstanding their, um, ludicrous moniker, Luti-Kriss are a young Christian quintet not even of legal drinking age but frighteningly intent on throwing down the gauntlet to their older, more licentious peers. With gobs of stutter-chug guiding the violence in a discernible direction • namely, to stymieing paralysis • Throwing Myself finds Luti-Kriss careening to and fro, almost hypnotically, almost tribally, but always compellingly in the most soul-scar(r)ing of manners. Similarly, frontman Josh eschews the mid-range bellow of his metalcore contemporaries for a higher-pitched croak that falls somewhere’s between the pain-of-mind assertiveness of Neurosis’ Steve Von Till and the unhinged hiss/howl of Converge’s Jacob Bannon. Altogether, these young dudes seem well-versed in the ways of Deadguy, Hammerhead, and other things AmRepish, despite probably having been in middle school when such bands were in their respective primes, nonetheless delivering a din that’s kinda futuristic in scope, mostly noisy in execution. Throwing Myself • indeed, all around a rusty cage, for fuck’s sake. Hammer on.

SolidState, PO Box 12698, Seattle, WA 98111;

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