Le Grand Magistery

Egad, this is an annoying record. The combination of folk music and electronics is, of course, nothing new. Everyone has done it, from Beck (who Momus name checks here) to Anna Domino and Snakefinger. And ya know what? Most of them do it better. Basically, this is a very long record of silly songs sung in an annoying, smug manner over music for the most part created with the “demo” option, one would guess, of the type of keyboards you can buy at a mall store. For example, song #15 is “The Penis Song.” Well, Monty Python did this idea far better 20 years ago, so why bring it up again? (Sorry, couldn’t resist). All in all, Momus sounds like a very witty fellow who doesn’t seem to have anyone around him going, “ya know, that last bit was sorta childish.” Think it might help.

Le Grand Magistery, PO Box 611, Bloomfield, MI 48303

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