Mouse On Mars

Mouse On Mars


Thrill Jockey

One of the first electronic artists to hail from Germany that’s not blatantly riding Kraftwerk’s jock, Mouse On Mars has continued their sojourn into the extremities and complexities that this type of music can offer, with vocals added to the mix. Taking full advantage of the infinite sound sculpture possibilities of electronic music, this Dusseldorf duo has returned armed with pop sensibility and more organic instruments than a Boston Symphony. The opener, “Actionist Respoke,” fires like a nihilist manifesto told through the mouth of a child. A bit of Simon And Garfunkel influence even eases its way into the vibrating timbres of “Presence.” But it isn’t until the jarring, schizophrenic “First: Break” that these guys have a vice grip on your psyche. A brilliant follow-up to Niun Niggung, Idiology is only the next chapter in the colorful pop-up book that is Mouse On Mars music.

Thrill Jockey, PO Box 08038, Chicago, IL 60608;

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