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Of Monkey Of Man Of Wizard (Donut Friends). Review by Joshua Krause.


Of Monkey Of Man Of Wizard

Donut Friends

After being removed from the hardcore scene for long enough, I obviously haven’t missed a gosh-darn thing. Maybe my expectations are a little high, but that doesn’t excuse a record for hitting so low.

Make no mistake: this is a metal record. And that would be OK if it were recorded, mixed, and mastered as such. For years, a large sect of the hardcore community has tried to move away from the Victory and Revelation approaches. But what we have here is everything that most music, especially hardcore, usually is: watered down versions of an already watered down subject. An example, you say? Ever heard of Iron Maiden? What about Integrity? Yes, this is that. Throw in overtones of Canada style HC (One-eyed God Prophecy, Uranus, anything on Great American Steak Religion), and you have yourself a band.

These faults might be a checklist of greatness for someone else • epic songs and fret board frenzy, throaty vocals that never once change in pitch, intonation, or attack, bass guitar that you barely hear, and an overall under-dynamic master. I don’t want to even comment on the lyrics. Jesus•

Pankration has the musicianship to pull off much greater music. I mean, the name of the record is soooo fucking prog rock, they should have just gone with it!!! And the last song, “Tricks With Mirrors,” is actually an interesting instrumental. I agree that wank does have its place and merits, and here is a fantastic example of that idea. But it comes too late to save this little fiasco.

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