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Once in a while, artists are able to bypass a stumbling block in their careers and produce an album of outstanding qualities. Such is the case with the newest offering from Germany’s Project Pitchfork. The band’s new album, Diamonion breaks new ground and places the duo back into the spotlight following the disappointing 1998 release, Eon:Eon.

The new album kicks off with the brilliant title track, reminiscent of their previous work on the Alpha Omega album. A smooth and wonderfully mid-tempo piece, “Diamonion” takes us on a mystical journey with intricate soundscapes. When “Timekiller” takes over, shimmering sequences play alongside dance grooves with dazzling results; a dance floor commando packed with attitude. Pitchfork raises the bar on sound design and melody on “Jupiter,” a slow paced gem loaded with emotion and inspiration.

At the midpoint of Diamonion, we find the inspiring “We Are One;” easily the best track on the album. A climactic and powerful melody works well alongside Peter Spilles’ unique vocal style. The songs’ chorus, “We are one/I look into your eyes/we are one/There is no boundary,” will have you signing along in a hypnotic state.

Elsewhere, Steady beats and pure electro energy along with Peter’s alien-like vocals breath life into “The Clone.” Uncharted sampling territory is delivered with ease on “Fear,” a mostly instrumental creation. The emotionally charged melodies take the listener on a voyage of musical enchantment. The brooding “Mine” has an arena rock feel with potent synthetics. The ominous “Citynight” incorporates minimalist drum loops with soothing vocals, creating a stylish and eerie mood. And just when most other albums are running out of creative fuel, Diamonion continues to sizzle the senses.

Sure to be hailed as a pioneering release for 2001, Diamonion is a triumphant return for Project Pitchfork. Fans and electro sculptors alike will be inspired and left breathless by this amazing work of art.

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