Apartment D


A mix between Gavin Rossdale with a lung infection and a weird 1980s experimental band, Pushcar is different, to say the least. Their sound seems rather generic, but if you listen carefully, you’ll hear an extreme example of a garage band; I almost think I hear Grandma calling them to come eat dinner! Apartment D is full of deeper meanings, and in one sense, that makes you listen more carefully to try and understand, but in another sense, it gets annoying, and listening so hard sort of wears you out. It’s a good first work, considering they recorded the whole thing in one band member’s apartment (hence the title Apartment D), and one of their main members took off to travel the globe (23 countries in all) three months into recording. Apartment D is a piece of work that doesn’t do a lot for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth someone else giving it a shot. Pushcar might just turn out to big high rollers in the music business and I’ll eat my words, but this album is like a rough draft: it needs a little work.

Tarantism Records; http://www.tarantism.com

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