Putumayo Presents Mexico

Putumayo Presents Mexico

Various Artists


The average round trip ticket from Florida to Mexico is about $600, but for the mere fifteen bucks an average CD costs, you can have the entire culture in about an hour of music. From new age sounding Lila Downs to Los Lobos, like a fine Mexican dish, it’s packed full of spice and flavor (and even comes with a guacamole recipe). Mexico lets you relax to the sounds of the land and not have to deal with all the hot sweaty tourists and street vendors. It’s perfect for those summer days when try as you may, the heat is inescapable, and you must give in and let the humid sunny days make you happy, not annoyed. Just watch out: upon listening to this CD, you will crave all things Mexican (and no, Taco Bell doesn’t count). Be prepared to pass the chips and salsa among your listening amigos.

Putumayo, 324 Lafayette Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10012, 1-888-PUTUMAYO; http://www.putumayo.com

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