Sessions Volume Three

Sessions Volume Three

Various Artists

Afterhours/Strictly Hype

This being Volume Three, I feel I have sort of missed out on One and Two; I’d be curious to see what else could be packed into a couple of CDs. While jammed with some really talented electronic artists, both discs give the masterpiece of modern musical experimentation. Sessions is a hostess’ dream, the perfect party music; low enough to hold conversations, loud enough to dance if you can’t help yourself. It’s a mix between something you’d hear cooing from the speakers of your local Gap while you debate chinos or capris and something you’d find being played in an upscale club you’ve been denied access to more than your share of times. It’s music for the pretentious peacekeeping hippies of this generation and for those of us who just need to be on the edge of everything that has or is about to blow up. This set is hot, and it’s guaranteed to at least get your foot tapping in traffic, if not have you dancing out in the road like the crazy beat junkie you are. These two discs have soul, substance, and style–what more could you want?

Afterhours, a division of Strictly Hype Recordings, 2010 Carboy Rd., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056, Tel: 847-718-1700, Fax: 847-718-1701

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