The Cherry Valence

The Cherry Valence

The Cherry Valence


By the sound of this recording, it is possible that The Cherry Valence is the greatest rock band around today. Does that sound a bit much? How else to describe a band that combines two drummers, lead guitarists and allows the members to share the lead vocal duties? How do you describe a band that could rival The Stooges and The MC5 in sheer shake and sweat appeal? While other indie bands attempt to merge rock and soul in a calculated way, as if to say, “Hey, man, we are so post modern. Can you dig the irony?,” The Cherry Valence came here to rock. Man. A relentless rhythm section, thunderous riffs, and a groove so mean and lean if makes your pathetic ass shake and move. No matter how loud you try to make this album, it just isn’t loud enough. The Cherry Valence mops up the floor with 99% of the other bands around today. Fierce, aggressive, and relentless, this album is everything a rock album should be. In fact, this isn’t even an album; it’s a testimonial. Are you ready to testify?

Estrus Records, PO Box 2125, Bellingham, WA 98227;

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