The Stillmen

The Stillmen

All Hopped Up

Star Tone

Olde tyme tire-screechin’ runnin’ from the ‘thorties rockabilly? Almost. The Stillmen play cleaner than that (without the reverb knob jammed to the limit), but their heart is in the right place. Kicking off with a cover of “Wild Wild Lover” (also a Flat Duo Jets staple), the band lets its intentions be known pretty quick, with glistening guitar runs and chuffing stand-up bass. The subsequent “Stow-A-Way” is more Buddy Holly than Gene Vincent, but the band picks it up again with “Alabama Bound.” Worth checking is “Corn Whiskey Boogie,” which pits some reeling riffs against a racuous chorus and shows the band is willing and able to live up to its name.

Star Tone;

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