Worldbeat Brazil

Worldbeat Brazil

Worldbeat Brazil

Green Hill Music

The artist for this CD is arguably a pair called Jezzro & Huff, but since they don’t appear anywhere on the outside of the CD, only being listed in the inside liner notes and on the bottom of the CD tray, I suppose they want themselves to be referred to as Worldbeat Brazil. Interesting, since they don’t appear to actually be Brazilians, nor was this imported from Brazil or even recorded there.

Nor, from what I have previously heard of Brazilian music, does this music sound particularly Brazilian. Yes, there is a Spanish acoustic guitar on all the tracks, but the beats, put out by what sounds like a drum machine, do not sound very authentic. Instead, this is instrumental Windham Hill-y “light jazz” made mainly with synthesizers and drums machines. Quite pleasant in a wallpapery Enya-goes-to-South-America kind of way, but don’t think you’ll actually want to samba or anything.

Green Hill Music, 2021 Richard Jones Road, Ste. 180, Nashville, TN 37215;

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