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DJ Suzy Solar

The Perfect Trance


Ahhh, trance music – loved and hated for many, many reasons. It was at one time a musical hot button issue, and with the rave scene being picked on less in the news lately, trance seems like maybe it’s seen its time in the sun, and now, it’s about overcooked. Yet with albums like The Perfect Trance, it’s hard to imagine that ever happening. Along with computers, the Internet, MP3s, and remote controlled lawn mowers, electronic music is not going anywhere. Trance fills a niche that was previously nonexistent; for some people maybe it’s about the scene, the drugs (or lack thereof), but for most, I think it’s about the music and its overwhelming power to move you. This CD is great wallpaper, a phrase I’m starting to get more comfortable with using about music (and an aspect of music I’m beginning to like a lot more). It’s great to play while you’re waiting on laundry, stressing over a late paper at 3 AM, or putting the last of your glitter surplus on your already decked out bod. Now if only I could find my glow stick…

Neurodisc Records Inc., PO Box 450997, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33345, 954-572-0289;

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