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Back in ’99, a couple of friends and I traveled up to South Carolina to see Emperor. It was probably the most intense metal show I’ve ever seen. Afterward, we followed the entourage (including members of Witchery and Peccatum) to their hotel and hung out bullshitting around the language barrier. By this time, Isahn and the ever so cheery Samoth from Emperor had disappeared, but drummer Trym stuck around trying to make time with this girl we always run into at area black metal shows. Trym was nice enough, if a little on the cocky side. I mentioned liking the band Twin Obscenity, who hail from his homeland of Norway, and he immediately launched into a story of him kicking the ass of their drummer one night. The level of competition and jealousy between black metal bands became immediately obvious.

Zyklon features Samoth and Trym from Emperor, one of the guys from Limbonic Art, and some other dude. They are supposed to be some novel configuration of extreme styles, but what I hear is just more of the same, and not too interesting at that. I’ll take any of Emperor’s discs or Limbonic Art’s Moon Over the Scorpio over this any day. And the industrial edge they try to inject was done far better by Mayhem on last year’s A Grand Declaration of War.

Trym, by the way, never got anywhere with our friend. The liquor she imbibed got the best of her and she camped out by the toilet all night.

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