Fan Mail from Some Flounder?

Fan Mail from Some Flounder?

Another satisfied customer…

It is jerks like you who never saw these bands that get to make critical assessments of what you hear on an album. I think you have no right to judge this band not having lived in this era. So I hope you and the Backstreet Boys get to know each other in contrived Britany [sic] Spears prison. Don’t pick up the soap in the shower, Tito!!!

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We’d love to respond to this, but frankly, we have no idea WHAT this guy is talking aboutÖ A note to future letter writers: please tell us what article you’re writing in response to!

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These 5 Down, These 5 to Go…

You guys should do another article on These 5 Down. The last one was horrible, so I’m begging you, please. They are my favorite band.


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We’re always glad to give a new record a try, even if we panned a previous effort. You never know, a different writer might like a band more. So if the folks from These 5 Down will send us their next release, we’ll surely give it a tryÖ

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She’s in the bathroom… whoa-oh-oh

Hiya Phil Bailey and everyone at,

Your Web site is BEAUTIFUL!!!! And I can’t believe there was a mention about my comic book there! I am sooooooo grateful I cannot tell you! I will be updating with a link to very soon!



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Glad to be of service, Yvonne, and thanks for your note! This is a good place to mention that we’re actively looking to increase our comics-related content here at Ink 19, so all you comics publishers out there that are looking for press — send us your stuff!

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So we take it Josh isn’t your Man…

Dear Ink 19ers,

Where the hell did you find Joshua Krause? This guy has absolutely no expertise or ability in writing, much less an ear for music.

I read his review of Man of the Year’s album, The Future is Not Now. Who the hell does he think he isÖ God’s gift to the music industry? Not only is he totally unprofessional and tactless, but he couldn’t recognize good music if his manhood depended on it.

What a fucking wimp. It is so easy to bulldoze a band or artist from the Web where he can remain faceless. He should wake up and smell reality instead of sniffing whatever hi-test fuel or glue he is into, and get out of the review business. He clearly has absolutely no clue what the people who pay to see live music and buy CDs like.

MOTY is a great band with a very strong and growing following. No one has claimed that they were going to be the next music-altering phenomenon, not even the band or their label. But they deliver what a very large number of fans love, which is much more than Krause delivers to your readers.

Keeping Krause around may just be the final nail in’s coffin as another failure caused by shear stupidity. No, reallyÖ I’m being completely honest with you. This guy should be selling classified ads and be kept completely away from any tool that allows him to project his thoughts to the general public.

Sorry for the honestyÖ Other that this clown, you guys are pretty cool!


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Well, Armed, we certainly feel everyone’s entitled to his or her own opinion. Sorry to hear that Joshua’s didn’t match up with yours. However, as he [like all our staffers] is a volunteer, he doesn’t really have any motivation to be less than honest about his opinions — and sometimes, knowing that yours differ from a reviewer’s is just as valuable as finding a review you agree with most of the time: at least you know that if Joshua pans an album, you’re bound to love it!

Seriously, though, we like to provide a forum for all our writers to express their opinions openly (heck, we even ran a positive review of that same record from Jeff Montgomery — how many other publications publish multiple opinions on the same record?), but it should be clear that Ink 19 doesn’t HAVE any kind of “editorial stance,” be it on the coolness of a band or on the social issues of the day. We’re proudly and defiantly an open forum, so you’re bound to find things you don’t agree with here sometimes. But we’re glad you like the site in general, and hope you’ll be back!

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Good, because we sure can’t help youÖ

After 30 years of marriage, my wife had a mid-life crisis. My youngest daughter, 24, is getting married on Father’s Day weekend, I’m not invited (I intervened 2 yrs. ago in her cocaine addiction). I have MS which is getting progressively worse, and I really don’t feel like hanging around for more abuse or until “things get better.” That having been said, I hope you can help someone else.

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The Dead are Damned

Nathan Birk:

Let me just say that Steel Prophet’s new CD is titled Book of the DEAD, not Book of the DAMNED like the review states.

Can anyone take a reviewer seriously who can’t even get the title of the CD right? I know I never will.

Next time, get it right.

• •

While Ink 19 certainly regrets the error, we think Nathan’s track record of hundreds of reviews, both in our pages and elsewhere, speaks volumes toward his credibility. Certainly, he’s proven himself an expert in the metal field, enough so that we can forgive him one error. And frankly, his humble editors are just as responsible for the gaffeÖ

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Kiran Knows the Doctor

I would appreciate it if you let Kiran Aditham know that I think the review of my band’s album was one of the more literate and comprehensive reviews I have read. Kiran really understands our music and where we are coming from in our approach to it. Punk has had many people attempt to strip it down or sensationalize it, yet the review stated what Kiran felt about our music in a way I feel was refreshing, and for a review, not too self-opinionated. I like the fact that I am compared to Jello and Johnny Rotten. For an old punk like me, that’s good company. Thank you for hiring a great writer.

• •

[Kiran Aditham responds]: I’d like to thank you for your kind words towards myself and the review of your CD. I’ve been very jaded with a lot of punk music in the last year or so, but it was really refreshing to hear your disc. I had never heard of you guys before, to be honest, but your record helped instill a little bit of my faith back in punk. It’s a throwback to the old days, but it sounds fresh and relevant today. Keep up the good work.

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Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never endsÖ

I totally agree with that girl Christina. OH MY GOD! How could you say such a thing about such a musically and lyrically omnipotent band. What are you smoking? They are totally untrendy unposer like in every way imaginable. I wonder if you even heard their lyrics. They are beautifully composed. As for what you said about The Ramones influencing AFI. You are 100% inacurate [sic] on this account as well. Davey Havok does not nor did not ever listen to them. Maybe the bands he grew up on did (he is young you know), but that is irrelevant to the point. No punk band period would be alive if it wasn’t for The Ramones or The Sex Pistols. Don’t go sounding like AFI never cared about their roots, cause they do. You have no right to be so prejudice against a passionate kick ass hardcore band like AFI.

KUDOS to Christina for sticking up for AFI and to all the fans that care. No, the fans are not between the ages of 12 and 19. I know no 12-year-old fan. They are too young to understand the content of the lyrics as well as the vocabulary and symbolism AFI tends to use in their lyrics. So sorry if you are too stupid to see that! Oh, one more thing Davey Havok is God and shall be treated like one!! “Deify the wretched ones until the darkness comes again.” Or do you not know what that means either!


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It should be noted that this little love letter showed up within 15 minutes of the last one going up on our site. More interestingly, most of the “responses” in this note have no relation to anything written anywhere on this Web site (reference Allie Gore’s now-infamous AFI review for proof), leaving us to puzzle over where exactly this writer is coming from. At the risk of sounding offensive, it doesn’t go a long way toward convincing others of your opinion when you come across as barely lucid.

As for Allie, she had but this to say to her latest love note: “This only goes to prove that shit attracts flies.”

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Shining a little Moonlight on AK1200

Some clarification on your article on Moonshine Over America 2000:

In an interview with AK1200, he says that he didn’t write the song — we know that. But he didn’t do the remix, either. That was Dave Aude. Check it out.

Dieselboy asks AK1200, “What inspired you to write ‘Drowning’?

AK1200 says, “I didn’t write ‘Drowning.’ It was written by Cleveland Lounge. I played the remix by Dave Aude and basically gave the track life in the States.”


• •

Thank YOU for the update! We apologize for any error.

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