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The Electro Group first came to my attention with a marble, baby blue seven-inch that came in a cloth bag with a logo button attached to it. “Line Of Sight,” the A-side on this seven-inch, is a pure blast of energy, warm and engaging, bringing to mind bands like Mazarin or The Lilys. The recording quality is not the best, but of course, with a seven-inch, sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s the record’s fault or your stereo’s. After discovering that the band included at least one member of the Slumberland band Rocketship, I was intrigued to find out what the band’s debut full-length would have in store. It seems that the band has headed deeper into My Bloody Valentine-territory, with fuzzed-out guitars, heavy drumming, and wispy, indistinguishable girl/boy vocals floating around in the background. This is definitely not a bad thing, it’s just that when playing in this style, the recording quality becomes a bit more important, and this is one area where the album is lacking significantly. Of course, if you don’t lean one way or another on the whole lo vs. hi fidelity debate, it won’t bother you a bit, and you’ll probably find A New Pacifica to be a great release, which it is. If you’re more interested in the production side of things, you might want to just stay locked firmly in 1991, with your worn-out copy of Loveless.

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