Alfa Omaga

Alfa Omaga

The Looking Glass

Starlitt Music Group

If Blue Oyster Cult, Roger Waters, and Chicago had a tryst in the studio, this would perhaps be the outcome, only after maybe each downed caps of mushrooms and a bottle of Jack Daniels. Although this was before my generation, the title track alone languishes in a certain Dark Side coma that is instantly recognizable. The rest of The Looking Glass stumbles into pseudo-prog rock, but with more of a VH-1 mentality. I believe the vocals are the main Achilles’ heel when it comes to Alfa Omaga, although the sounds emanated by their instruments become more laughable with each passing tune. I imagined something more sinister just by interpreting the packaging and song titles, but my assumptions were left unfounded.

For the most part, this record is dull enough to make Yes exciting, to make Styx’s Kilroy Was Here listenable, and make REO Speedwagon records worth buying. Even the indulgent nine minutes of “Alien Quadogy” could not save The Looking Glass from complete terrestrial isolation. I’m going to be generous with this record and pass it onto my dentist, so he can utilize this taste-numbing music to anesthetize the anxious patients in the waiting room of his ultra-claustrophobic office.

Starlitt Music Group;

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