…And Oceans

…And Oceans

A.M. G.O.D.

Century Media

Black metal sure has changed in the last four years, huh? I remember (sniff) simpler times, when bands used to hang out in forests, dream of Bathory, and glare meaningfully at cameras, swords kinda at ready. Nowadays, they’re exploring radical new music directions, donning futuristic and gender-blurring clobber, and handing their candles and spikes over to clueless goths. Bye bye, Lucifer, hello, Phillip K. Dick. …And Oceans are not immune to this seismic shift. The cover of their record looks like a cross between Yes and back issues of Heavy Metal, they look like the living embodiment of Burroughs’ Wild Boys, and the music is cold (not like Norse winter, more like gleaming metal), circuit-infused noise. But I likes it. Lots. A.M. G.O.D. has a certain punishing immediacy to it, combining the darker electronics of :wumpscut: with the metal fury of Enthrone Darkness Triumphant-era Dimmu Borgir. Vicious AND accessible. …And Oceans are able to find the commonality in the coldness of Darkthrone and Xorcist and combine them to create a glowing tube of cryogenic sound. Give ’em a couple of EPs more growth, and they just might be contenders to Emperor’s or Ulver’s throne.

Century Media, 453 A-14th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404; http://www.centurymedia.com

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